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Aesthetic dental Treatments

The demand for dental treatments for aesthetic or oral health purposes has increased every year. And this happens for different reasons: having a beautiful smile, maintaining health care, displaying teeth that are aligned and whiter, and boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. Nowadays, it is also possible to perform the most diverse dental treatments without fear, quickly […]

Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

Almost all of us like to look younger, or at least they do not throw us more years on top of what we really have. What will give you years of youth is to have a beautiful and white smile for that you have to go with your dentist at Tijuana Dental Studio. If you […]

Thinking about weight reduction surgery?

Obesity is not merely a consequence of eating too much. There are lots of contributing factors like genetics, genetic, environmental, metabolic, and eating disorders. Specific health conditions, such as hypothyroidism, might lead to obesity. Study has proven that in most instances an underlying root cause of morbid obesity is hereditary. Research has demonstrated that after […]

Why Alpaca Sweaters Will Be Big in 2019 Fashion

2019 is around the corner, and with it comes a variety of “must haves” and trend predictions. When it comes to the world of apparel, alpaca sweaters are projected to be even more popular than ever before as a continuously growing clothing must-have item that erupted years ago and isn’t going away anytime soon. This […]

Differences between retro and vintage

  Although retro and vintage are not words that are recognized by the RAE (real Spanish academy) they have become very popular in society with the passage of time. Many times people refer to ancient things in general, using terms such as retro and vintage, as if they mean the same, however, these two terms […]

How to rejuvenate without surgery

  The lifting era has died. Feeding, rest, hydration and small aesthetic interventions without surgery are the new keys to achieve a rejuvenated appearance without surrendering to the scalpel. Feeling young inside and out was never so easy. a small change that will make you look younger is having a clean white smile with an […]

Why to Buy Special Occasion Dresses?

A special occasion requires special dresses and especially when it comes to women, they always wish to dress up differently from others. For every special occasion, there is always a right dress, one looks fabulous if she wears dress according to the occasion, but sometimes due to the cost of these dresses, we avoid to […]