Looks That Will Make You Look Younger

Almost all of us like to look younger, or at least they do not throw us more years on top of what we really have. What will give you years of youth is to have a beautiful and white smile for that you have to go with your dentist at Tijuana Dental Studio.

If you are looking for ideas of looks that will make you look younger than you are, you have come to the right place. Fashion can do a lot for you, and depending on the outfit you choose you can take years off. Attentive!

Looks and tips that will make you take years off
1 Styling in light tones

Pink stick, lavender, turquoise, or soft yellow. Any color found in the palette of non-blacks will be welcome to give your appearance an extra youth. Can I dress like this even if it’s winter? Yes of course. The idea that on cold days you can only wear clothes without color is a thing of the past.

2 Look with an intense color
If you want to look younger than you really are you have to choose the right colors, or what is the same, the bright colors. Make no mistake: this does not mean that you have to put on garish garments as much as you can. The key is in the balance, stay away from the looks in full black, (only accentuate the lines of expression) and opt for garments in navy blue and gray mixed with one in a vivid tone. The bag, for example, in pure red: an idea that never fails.

3 Jeans and some dress

It is well known by all that jeans have the power to make us look younger. You can show off the modern models with broken ones, but if they are not your style, it will be enough for you to get away from the jeans and the straight ones. The tailored, those with pearl ornament and skinny mixed with medium-heeled shoes always work.

Tailored dress pants or suits must be part of your wardrobe yes or yes. To take years off, combine them with a juvenile top.

4 And for blouses and shirts?
Very easy. For your free time bet on flower tops and basic shirts. To dress a little more, blouses that leave the shoulders exposed, maxi shirts and sweaters in the color of season.

5 The sporty chic look

An outfit with a sports point is always a good idea when it comes to taking years off. A nice bright dress with sneakers, leggings with maxi dress and booties, hippie baggy pants with black top and matching sweatshirt. It is not about wearing tracksuits at all times, but rather that urban sporty chic garments sneak into our wardrobe.

6 Accessories have the last word
Our is already the phrase that says that the accessories change EVERYTHING. And they are perfect when we want our look to have a different touch. If you want to look younger, sunglasses with colored frames, wide-brimmed hat for spring days and nights, silk scarf to adorn your neck and also your hair, minimalist jewelry with a personal touch and shoes always at the fashion.

7 Do not forget the makeup and hairstyle
It will be of little use to dress as we have advised you if you do not wear your beauty look chord. Follow the hairstyles that set trends every year and show off your makeup according to your style, your tastes and the occasion.